5mg CBD Canine or Feline Softgels + Fish Oil


Panacea’s Canine softgels contain 5 mg Panacea Pure CBD with no THC. These softgel capsules are perfect for dogs who are struggling with age-related movement disorders or a nervous disposition. They are a good way to help soothe your beloved pet or help increase their quality of life.

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Canine/Feline CBD Oil Softgels are made with all-natural ingredients, like fish oil, aimed at enhancing your pets’ wellness. The softgel is made in a fish-like shape so the tail of the gel can be cut off and the CBD formula easily applied to the dog’s mouth or to mix with their favorite food or treat.

Our canine formulation was evaluated in older dogs who experience limited movement. We found the Canine/Feline formula increased mobility in dogs, increased ability to get into a car, climb stairs, and overall increased quality of life. Each CBD softgel is meticulously measured to have the same dose of CBD in each gel. Each canine/feline softgel is formulated with fish oil to help promote your dog’s skin health benefits and joint health. This makes the product unique compared to other canine CBD formulas.

Our team believes it is best for our animal friends to not have THC in their CBD products so all of our pet products are produced THC-Free.

Benefits of Canine/Feline CBD Oil Softgels

  • Made with organic, locally sourced, THC-Free CBD
  • The fish-shaped capsule makes giving it easy
  • Formulated with fish oil and CBD oil
  • May help with increasing mobility
  • May help with achieving a greater sense of calm also check out our canine/feline tinctures
  • Made to have maximum bioavailability packed within a CBD softgel
  • Measured to ensure that each CBD softgel has the equivalent amount
  • Give your pet the best care possible

How to Use Canine/Feline CBD Oil Softgels:

The amount of CBD oil required may vary depending on your dog’s needs and size. Cut off the “tail” of the gel cap and either apply to the dog’s mouth (recommended method) or mix it in with your dog’s food.

Keep out of reach of children. This product is for animals.

Consult with your veterinarian before use starting your pet on any dietary supplements.

Care for Canines

You may be wondering, why should you give your dog CBD softgels? The reasons you’d want your dog to take CBD would be the very same reasons you’d give yourself CBD. Reported to reduce the felling of anxiousness in puppies. A 2018 study accomplished by Panacea Life Sciences revealed that 86 percent of consumers experienced positive advantages, it is possible to read more about it. It’s also important to talk with your vet to find out whether CBD softgels might be perfect for your pet.

A recent study looked at just how CBD softgels can assist dogs with epilepsy. This analysis gave one set CBD and some antiepileptic medicine that the puppies were taking. The team with the cannabidiol remedies saw a drop in the frequency of the pet’s seizures.

It may be worth seeing how CBD softgels may be able to help your dog. Try some Canine Softgels today!


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