About Discreet Wellness


Discreet Wellness was born out of a sincere desire to help those who suffer from pain, anxiety, cancer, addiction, and other life-altering afflictions. From this beginning, their mission grew to change the bleak landscape they found in an industry where patients, retail locations, laboratories, and product manufacturers where often on their own. Many of these companies were left to adopt trial and error techniques to source Cannabidiol (CBD) products from suppliers that may or may not have their best interests at heart. Today, the team at Discreet Wellness focus their efforts on building solutions that bridge the divide between those who have it with those who need it.

The Discreet team is successful in their approach. Discreet Wellness deploys business strategies cultivated in industries like health and wellness, mobile telecommunications, online systems development, commercial printing, legal, and finance. The culmination of these experiences translates into an intuitive business model that allows Discreet to resolve many of the issues that plague the current cannabis B2B marketplace.

On one side of the transaction, Discreet has well-established relationships with a wide range of strategically critical suppliers. These connections allow access to products ranging from biomass to full-spectrum and highly bioavailable single item consumer CBD products.

As a company, Discreet Wellness works to maintain trust in a market where the highest quality of CBD products stands to benefit their customers honestly.